The Healing the Original Wound Book

Arriving Late 2024

Based on Dave’s continually sold-out course of the same name, the upcoming book shows the reader how:

  • the perceived spiritual disconnection from Source;
  • the physical separation from your mother;
  • the emotional withdrawal by your family of origin; and
  • your eventual abandonment of yourself…

manifest in pain and illness—decades after those separations occurred.

This book asks:

  • What if our human mission—no matter how it looks on the outside—is to journey from the oneness that we were to the individuated state… only to re-connect to the state of oneness?
  • What if all events, feelings, beliefs, pain, and illness that we experience in a world of duality and contrast aren’t things to fight, but rather things to experience along the way that are there to guide us home?

Based on working with thousands of empaths, sensitives, and intuitives, Dave says our journey needn’t be filled with unanswerable questions. There is a way out—rather, through—all of the darkness and into the light! With his guidance, you will find:

  • a deeper sense of connection with others;
  • a better understanding of your true self;
  • a more intimate connection to Spirit;
  • improved energy, focus, and emotional state;
  • abundance in all areas; and
  • a clear vision of your soul’s mission…

The Healing the Original Wound book goes deeper, asking: What if “the illusion of a true self vs a false self” is in fact an illusion of mind pitting one force against another, rather than integrating the whole? And what if THE DESIRE TO ESCAPE duality is in fact a blockage to experiencing beyond the duality?!

What if we can see the blockages as they really are and take the steps necessary to grow in alignment with your Soul’s desire?

By understanding this both conceptually and through Dave’s channeled teachings experientially, you’ll see how this path of oneness > individuation > oneness is the norm not the exception, and that there is Divine logic to the journey we’ve undertaken.

Healing the Original Wound details the steps to wholeness and healing from the Soul’s point of view!

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