Healing with Source:
A Spiritual Guide to Mind Body Medicine

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine belongs in every home. Dave Markowitz is offering everyone the opportunity to take the concept of heart-centered living to an expanded level of authentic spiritual wholeness. Health and happiness go hand in hand. They both shine from the inside-out, and we highly recommend this book if you are ready to unleash your inner radiance!
Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, authors of Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven
Lynn Andrews This book is an incredible insight into mind body medicine and how our thoughts affect our state of wellness. I loved it!
Lynn Andrews, NY Times Bestselling Author, Medicine Woman
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine is a brilliant wake up call to how we apply our life experiences to our bodies and further, how we can heal our bodies by recognizing our illnesses and pain by their root causes. Why only treat the symptoms when we can heal these problems completely? Markowitz nails the body mind spirit connections perfectly!
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, International Best Selling Author of five books including The Children of Now and Parenting the Children of Now

Determine. Heal. Forever.

Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine describes one of the most time- and cost-efficient self-healing modalities available. Whereas most healing modalities focus on the symptoms, Healing with Source focuses on reversing the causative factors. In fact, if you focus on the symptom, the Law of Attraction would say you'll only get more of the symptom.

At best, typical modalities can only provide temporary pain management. While that's not a bad thing in and of itself, true, permanent healing only happens when you reverse the causative factors. And that's what Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine helps you do.

Sight. Sound. Senses.

Healing with Source also includes a channeled symbol that can be used to transmit a very high healing frequency, that of the Source. A cut-out and detailed instructions are given to allow maximum effectiveness.

There is also a link to an MP3 that includes subliminal summaries of the main concepts gently placed under a bed of soothing, ambient music.

Yes, the new age of books is here, combining more of the senses for a more visceral and deeper transformative experience!

Intuitive. Channel. Healer.

Written by Dave Markowitz, a medical intuitive, channel of Source energy and information, and one of the premier voices of our time in the fields of energy medicine and spirituality, this conversational-style book gently invites you into a paradigm-shifting understanding of health, prevention, and healing.

Dubious Bazaar's Book Reviews, September 2010
Dave. It didn't look good. On the cover, is that water? Ice? A tree? I'm guessing it's supposed to be Source. And the mystical symbol there, looks like a surfer's tattoo, not something I recognise.  Then I read that you're a "medical intuitive, channel of Source energy and information". I wasn't feeling a connection, Dave, but I hadn't started reading yet. Still, your beguiling smile and the fact that I like your specs made (me) want to. That, and the fact that you clearly know something I don't. Continues here.

New Consciousness Review; September, 2010:
Reading this book is like having a conversation with someone who knows and understands the mind-body relationship intimately. The emerging paradigm in health care—which is that physical health is interconnected with our emotional and spiritual well being—just seems obvious and accessible when it is articulated so fluidly.

New Age Retailer; Fall, 2010:
In this book he explains how we can heal ourselves and not remain victims of pain and suffering. While he doesn’t advocate the elimination of physicians, he does point out that medications and surgeries may not work long term. Witness the patient who has a tumor removed only to find another tumor recurring somewhere else. He advocates getting to the root cause of the physical/medical issue so that tumors do not return or medication is no longer needed.

The Scientific and Medical Network:
This wise book is more than the subtitle suggests, although the focus is indeed health at various levels. The author is a medical intuitive with extensive experience of helping people with many different conditions, partly by asking the right questions in order to reach the core of the issue. He begins by examining hidden causes of pain and illness, suggesting ways to raise awareness and enhance health. Not surprisingly, there is a close mind-body connection and an emphasis on moving on through the expression of gratitude and forgiveness. This involves choosing love rather than fear, releasing the past and embracing the future; also engaging with patterns in the subconscious mind. The book is interspersed with provocative and inspiring quotations from a great variety of sources, encouraging the reader to broaden their perspective and deepen their understanding by fully opening to the intelligences within and beyond. In the end, the journey to health is also a spiritual journey.
~ David Lorimer

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Dave's book, Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine, is available from Amazon.

Reader Reviews:
“I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your book! I already have two people that I plan on giving it as a gift. I love how you have broken it down to simple examples that most people can at least grasp some of the concepts, meaning we create our own reality (and our health is part of that!)

I already believe wholehearted in what you are saying... but would have never
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– Barbara, mother of three, Portland, Oregon
Love it!!! Absolutely loved it. Very easy read, filled with sassiness, great sense of humor and immensely powerful message. Couldn't put the book down, had quite a few "aha" moments. Drink in Dave's wisdom!!!”
– A. Surwillo, (USA)
Enlightening. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to heal their body and mind. Dave Markowitz informs the reader on how to acquire good health through understanding the causes of illness.”
– Susan M. Ald, (New York)
Wow!! "Healing with Source" is truly one of the most amazing and insightful books ever written. Dave Markowitz sheds new light on issues and dilemmas we have all experienced. This book is written with love, kindness and humor regarding the human condition and all its strengths and frailties. I have already begun to change my way of thinking and looking at illness in my
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– Sheila Lombardi, (Commack, NY USA)
Wonderful book!
Dave explains the mind-body-health connection in such an easy-to-understand, conversational style that I feel like we're chatting, and having the BEST conversation ever! He anticipates the reader's questions so well, it's like he's in the room with you. I've seen Dave in action live at a seminar and he's quite brilliant and right on the money with his
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– Laurell Eden, (New York City)
“Hello Dave, I have been studying mindfulness, metaphysical studies, intuitive healing and many other spiritual modalities for many years. I have been reading your book for over a year. It has taken me until today to finish it as I read and re-read sections so many times. I have to say that your book should be a must-read for anyone on their spiritual paths. I have and continue to share it
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– Jeffrey Ringer, Los Angeles, CA., spiritual advisor, author, photographer and marketeer