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About Dave Markowitz: Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Guide, Author, Speaker

Rèsumè Highlights

Shift Dave is a faculty member of the Shift Network, the world’s largest transformational education, media, and events company—alongside Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Ram Dass, Dr Judith Orloff, Wendy De Rosa and many more.
Deepak Chopra and Gary Null Dave shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra and Gary Null in front of 5,000 people at the Learning Annex’s Live Well Day, at the Javits Center, NYC.
Bestselling Authors, Healers, and Teachers His work has been endorsed by bestselling authors, healers and teachers Lee Harris, Shirley MacLaine, Lynn Andrews, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Karen McPhee, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey and more.
Healing with Source Dave’s first book, Healing with Source reached number 3 in its category on Amazon.com in its first week, September, 2010!
Self-Care for the Self-Aware His second book, Self-Care for the Self-Aware: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, and Healers hit number 3 in its category in October 2014; has been in the Top 20 in its category on Amazon for 41 consecutive months by “word of mouse” alone; is the number 1 rated self-published book on the subject with a 4.4-Star average rating on Amazon; and most importantly, has transformed thousands of lives!
Empathipedia Dave’s third book, Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons is called the “comprehensive manual on the ABCs of successfully navigating life as an empath or highly sensitive person” by NY Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light, Dannion Brinkley. Empathipedia goes significantly deeper than prior writings and empowers the reader with the most powerful, transformative, heart-opening tools to date. Empathipedia contains the most prevailing techniques for preventing energetic overwhelm and empathic absorption, and its healing tools were specifically designed to guide empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons to their best, highest state of health, vivacity, and heart-inspired life!
Positive Health He is a featured writer in Positive Health, Europe’s number one online publication in its genre, and also a former contributor for the now defunct (but not because of Dave’s writing), Kinetics Magazine published by NDE survivor and bestselling author, Kathryn Brinkley.


How Dave Became “The Empath Guy”


You know when you receive messages from the Universe on a regular basis and in a variety of forms?

You do, of course.

For many years, Dave Markowitz had been told he was an empath, but he didn't really grasp what it meant or how it could help his clients until he had a direct, unambiguous experience.

He received an invitation to a friend of a friend's birthday celebration, which included riding a party bus to seven different bars in seven hours. And by the end of the evening, Dave was inebriated. Not unusual, is it? Well, except from the fact that he had spent the entire evening only drinking water!

Dave hadn't touched alcohol in years; in fact, he stayed away from the bar scene almost entirely because of his empathic nature. He frequently noticed that in any kind of group situation, he was becoming exhausted, perplexed, or even nervous.

Do you recognize this?

According to Dave, the majority of us were never instructed on how to manage our innate sensitivity in a healthy way. He goes on to say that in order to make some circumstances more tolerable, humans had to unintentionally develop coping mechanisms. And some of us deliberately used strategies that appeared to work, but still left us facing our very same challenges all over again.

In the short term, the strategies we developed to protect the self, including building walls and surrounding oneself with light can be beneficial, but in the long run, they can prevent us from:

  • long-lasting healing;
  • higher guidance;
  • opening the self to having what we want; and
  • establishing a deep connection with Spirit, our higher self, and others

In fact, because those walling habits are rooted in fear, they can actually induce chronic illness in us.

There is hope for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to not just heal,  but also prosper in a society that doesn't always get us. And to do so out of love instead of fear!

Dave has worked with nearly ten thousand HSPs and Empaths. And recovery is not only possible, but also the norm when you follow the steps he intuitively received. He will tenderly mentor you as you refine your empathic abilities so that they become a gift rather than a burden. Dave will teach you how to heal the energy you've already accumulated and how to avoid becoming a sponge for other people's energies.

We are better able to care for others when we first heal ourselves. When using Dave’s methods, our mere presence becomes a beacon of possibility and an invitation to healing and wholeness for all.

Dave can hold a space of the highest vibration so that you—not just your pain or illness—are seen, heard and held in the highest light. Unconditional love, true compassion, and a heart-felt connectedness are incorporated along with elements of numerous energy healing techniques and modalities so that you receive exactly what is needed at the perfect speed, intensity and duration for you as an individual—because you are unique and so are your healing needs!

Dave Markowitz, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Guide, and Bestselling Author, demonstrates and teaches you how to turn sickness into vitality and confusion into clarity.

Susan Lander, Esq.
“I began co-leading Six Sensory New York (affiliated with fellow Hay House author Sonia Choquette) and I was happy to invite Dave to speak. As always, he delivered: a packed house; his characteristic funny, warm and humble way of teaching a fascinated audience about a new way of healing; on-the-spot healing demonstrations; and sold-out books. He is always our most popular speaker, with the highest percentage of attendees either buying a book or booking a private session, typically both. His approach to healing is both innovative and effective, and his book is groundbreaking. He has a proven track record as a wonderful and experienced speaker and healer, and is well-known and well-connected in the Mind-Body-Spirit community.”
Susan Lander, Esq., Author of Conversations with History... (Hay House)

What People Are Saying About Dave

Ann Quasman
“I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave on WomanTalk Live Radio. His book opens us up to a whole different way of looking at healing pain and illness. Learning what repressed emotions do to us when we hold on to them, how important it is to release them, and learning how to do so is a huge gift we can give ourselves to help us finally get out of our own way so that we can live a loving, fulfilled life.
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– Ann Quasman, Host, WomanTalk Live Radio, Baltimore MD
Sheila L.
“I must tell you I am sitting here with such a smile on my face. I knew you were awesome…but now I am positive of just how awesome you are!!!! It has definitely taken some of the pain and burden away. I will be doing more of the things you recommended now. PROMISE!! Thank you seems so little but...thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Sheila L., Angel Readings, Certified Reiki Master, Commack, NY
Marcia-Elizabeth Thompson
“You bring the magic of simple listening everywhere you go, opening hearts and minds to the truth of power and possibility in this universe, in this life. I love you, Dave. Thank you for sharing this moment of grace with me. I always feel like the example of your life guides me in the realization of my own, but I guess that's what we're each here for, no? To help one another remember the way back...?”
Marcia-Elizabeth Thompson, Movement Instructor/Bodyworker; Masters Candidate, Traditional Chinese Medicine; Modern Dancer
Lisa Mueller
“Dave is a gift (to all of us) from God. He has such a simple and clear understanding of the universe and energy and how it relates to all of us. He has helped me, members of my family, and even my dog! He is also a gifted speaker and author. What more is there to say? He is amazing; I highly recommend him.”
Lisa Mueller, Executive Director at Celebrity Entertainment Corp, Greater New York City Area
Evegenia P.

In this new shift, my next step in personal growth, You (Dave) played a significant role. You were a huge part of my "turn around" and what's amazing is that your way of influencing me was so subtle and gentle that I did not even notice how you were helping me improve my life—and that is an incredible gift.

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Evegenia P., Makeup Artist, Brooklyn, NY
Robyn Hatcher
“Dave Markowitz has a compassionate desire to share his healing methods. I learned that it is within all of us to heal ourselves and how important it is for us to tap into the power to do that”
Robyn Hatcher, owner of SpeakEtc, a presentation and communication skills training company, NYC
“I have reaped benefits by your words, your recommendations, and shared webinars etc. Thank you for being a light holder. In my ancestral learning, the Anishinaabe heard a prophecy and began their westward migration. There were members responsible for holding the fires in case anyone was finding their way back. Thank you for holding metaphorical fires to illuminate a path back to Source…”
– #LuluWCLifestyle
“Whenever I dip into one of Dave's group healing sessions, or in a private session, I come out of them somehow deeply touched and able to see things in a different, more expanded way. Dave's compassionate, very human and unpretentious style helps me feel relaxed and open to whatever comes up, which I think facilitates the insights and healing.”
– Annette P., Portland, OR
“Your desire and determination to do what you are doing is creating an Aura that immediately reminded me of when I saw Deepak's; the energy that flows has a special density that tells us that you are determined to take your truth out there. The gift is to understand that the space that you are holding, at the center, at the heart, has an equilibrium that transforms everything; even your aura.”
– Bea, Writer, Los Angeles

Dear Dave, I stand in Great Appreciation for Who You Are and for the Light You bring through to many. You have offered me a very freeing idea to enjoy reflecting upon -- that none my issues/symptoms are 'mine.' There is True Power in this idea.

And to repeat what I heard about You during our meditation together, I offer again:"You're clear as water and as powerful as Light"

– Lora 'Abrielle' Medina, Lightworker, California
“I just shared with a friend what I learned about healing since meeting you. The forgiveness meditation continues to be a useful tool for me to heal with love and peace and move on without "sticky" issues bogging me down. I thank you for that. I continue to be open and receptive to learning from you and the books you have written. You inspire me – and today, I inspire myself. Wishing you well
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– Diana , Vancouver, WA, USA
“Amazing; he carries the Wand of Hermes. Experience a personally guided tour into the Realms of the GODS.  A transformational journey like no other – into the Magic of Light. My Sincerest Thanks”
– Gigi, Portland, OR
“Healing is an art form, and Dave paints at a profound level.”
– Edward Agolia, Co-Director of The Energy Center
“Your work is very impressive. I love how you break down explanations so that even people like me, who know nothing about your work, end up leaving with so much new information. I also love the charisma you have with all the people in the room. Everything I am learning is so new for me, but somehow it all makes sense. I loved both events I attended, the Healing Circle and the Lecture; it's still such an eye
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– Mercedes, NYC
“When I first met you...I was taken back by your kindness and appreciation of all the baggage we were carrying with us. You made it clear how un-necessary this was and gave some insight as to how to drop it at the curb. Thank you!”
– Sheila, Long Island NY
“Dave, it was great to meet you. I know your value as a healer first hand and as one who is working to be a healer to see you in your passion as a healer grounded in love. I hold you in the highest of light; you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you and Namaste.”
– Eric
Myrna De Jesus

Tonight was amazing. I am so very happy to have had our paths intersect. You are indeed a jewel. You have a powerful punch. You communicate so that the listener is engaged & you do it with humor and a lightness that's refreshing!

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Myrna De Jesus, Vortex Energy Healer/Massage Therapist, NYC
“Thank you for your kind and insightful words. You are BRIGHT, as I clearly sensed the first moment I met you. And YOUR PRAYERS strike me like an angelic thunderbolt. Many blessings, much gratitude, and may all you want come easily and miraculously your way. Thank you again.”
– Tatiana
“Dave has very beautiful energy and I always learn interesting things from him and the group of people he attracts.”
– Anonymous Healing Circle attendee
“Mr. Markowitz is indeed well-placed on the cutting edge of his field. His insights synthesize newer and more meaningful depths and impart information that is far more enlightened than we think we deserve. I recommend you to use Mr. Markowitz's talents wisely as he will provide an extra dimension to your day.”
– Mr. S.J. Benjamin, Editor, New York City