November 2014 Article: When Nothing Works, Try This!

By Dave Markowitz ©2014*

Have you been plagued with fatigue? Are you trying to shake the symptoms of depression or digestive issues? Are you feeling blocked, anxious or confused and don’t know where to turn?

It is my belief that our inner guidance can lead us through any of these obstacles and so many more, but too many of us are blocked from accessing that realm. While some unblocking techniques can be very helpful, for me it’s vital to understand where the block comes from and work on that level. No matter which unblocking tools we use, addressing the issue on the causal level will be most effective in the long term. This will help avoid the inherent frustration with temporary fixes that leave us continually seeking resolution. Working on the causal level increases our access to guidance; information then flows readily and healing is catalyzed and maintained.

Sometimes, the source of the block is that pesky little ego—or that pesky huge ego, depending on who you are! Many of us on the path have already done so much work in quenching the ego’s desires. We’ve gotten to a place where we understand why the ego is there and how to work with it; knowing it’s best to bless it into submission rather than trying to fight it. We may not always remember, and our success rate may vary from day to day, but at least we know what to do.

But what if the block isn’t ego based at all? What if it’s even more elusive?

I’ve found—quite accidentally—that people who are sensitive, intuitive, and nurturing have something in common on the causal level of various emotional and physical pains and illness. Some know this very well and some are getting the occasional glimpse: To differing degrees, all of us empathic. And empaths by nature have more active mirror neurons – we don’t just temporarily feel the energy, thoughts, and actions of others, we actually embody them! When we do this long enough, we can actually embody the metaphysical and physical symptoms of pain and illness from others.

Sound crazy?

Up until now, my left-brain has refuted this. It only sees separation. It does not detect any tangible connectedness with others, much less a transfer of anything intangible. To a part of me, this is totally crazy!

But my right brain fully gets it. As does my heart. And my soul is rejoicing in the splendor!

Guess what. The left side is catching up. It is seeing the undeniable results of sharing the possibility of Empathically Transmitted Illness and Pains (ETIPs) with my clients. The 5-Step Process of preventing, identifying, and releasing ETIPS is logical when you break it downcontinually chipping away at the stone of, “Can healing really be that simple?”

An exercise to determine if you’re carrying an ETIP

Before we go there, can I respectfully ask, “How could you not be tired if you’re carrying the weight of others? How could you not feel anxious if you’re taking on the thoughts of others? How could you not manifest sometimes un-diagnosable—or seemingly irreversible emotional and physical pains or illness? And now for the best question:

How CAN you know if you’re carrying an ETIP?

Step 3 of the 5-step process of preventing, identifying, and releasing ETIPs is called the Body Scan. It will allow you to determine if you are carrying anyone else’s energy. The Body Scan will guide you in knowing whose energy you’re carrying, where you’re holding it, and what type of energy it is.

I like to compare this entire process to learning a new language: everyone learns at his or her individual pace. Some can do this right away; others will take longer. And it’s all okay. I have seen rapid transformations and I do hold space for that—but it’s important to remember we’re oftentimes reversing years if not decades of conditioning. Wouldn’t you rather do it right the first time rather than dallying with band-aid measures, even if it takes a bit longer? No matter how long it takes, give yourself unconditional love throughout the process; this stuff works!

If you can’t do it on your own, have a trusted friend hold the space or contact me for a session. Unconditional love from another can be very helpful in co-creating the necessary space for this exercise. During a session with me, even typically untapped gifts and levels of awareness make themselves known because of the unconditional love I’m able to send. If you can’t see, feel, or intuit what’s happening in your body clearly, you’re far more likely to see in high definition with me holding the space. While I can intuit clearly for you, working together is far more empowering in that once you have an experience, you’re more likely to recreate that on your own.

First, do everything you’ve ever known to get yourself totally present. Breathe deeply and relax your body. I like to incorporate physical senses; for example, I tune into sounds, and touch my fingertips to each other. I focus on these for a few minutes to deepen my present moment awareness. SLOWLY begin to shift your focus from the external environment to the internal. Once there, ask your body where it is that you’re holding the most stuck energy. You may feel or see an area, or just be presented with an inner knowing that goes beyond the senses. You may feel tension where you didn’t think there was any. You may feel cold in an area or see darker colors. You may become more present to tightened muscles. Once that is established, go a bit deeper and feel what type of energy or emotion is there. Often, you’ll see or sense anger or grief, but leave space for whatever arises without judging what is there. Just make a note of it. Lastly, go a bit deeper and allow the awareness of whose energy you’re holding to surface. It may be yours, another’s or a combination. Be open to surprises as sometimes people who you haven’t spoken to in years can make themselves known. Of course, sometimes the obvious answer will be confirmed, too. There is no right or wrong; there is only what is. Embrace any and all information that arises. Once all of this is determined, you’ll have a lot more information to work with. If you can determine that an ETIP exists, let hope replace frustration and fear. Releasing the ETIP is Step 4 in the process, clearly detailed in my book or performed together in a session.

Overall, be open to the possibility that what you’re dealing with is not yours—even if you don’t think you’re an empath! I’ve worked with thousands of people with different levels of awareness of their empathy. I believe we’re all empathic, but too few see this as a gift—more often they see it as a burden. With the 5-Step Process, you’ll be able to prevent, identify, and finally release blockages that used to seem impervious to traditional and alternative healing. Once you’re open and clear, the gifts of the Universe—healing, abundance, right livelihood and better relationships can manifest a lot quicker!

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