Healing Spiral

4-week in-person workshop at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (NTCSL):

Self-Care for the Self-Aware: Healing, Feeling, Connecting

“Working with Dave made a tangible difference in my quality of life and my ability to handle everything coming my way. Being a highly sensitive person has many benefits, but I couldn't see them under what felt like the burden of of the overwhelm that came with it. Now that I have tools and techniques, I feel better, less fatigued, more engaged, and I'm remembering the Joy of it all. I will be taking Dave's
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– Shelly Walker
“Dave is a gentle, insightful, wise facilitator of the process which allows us to keep the energies that are ours to love and heal, and to return to others that which is theirs. I had several profound breakthroughs during the four-week class, and continue to do the work daily. I left his workshop feeling uplifted, and with simple tools to continue my healing and enlightenment. I referred many of my
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– J. Alison Hilber, LSP (Licensed Spiritual Practitioner)
“I have incredible gratitude for Dave and the other participants in our in-person course. This was an amazing healing opportunity through which I had the opportunity to work through my own stuff as well as hold a safe space for others as they did the same. The results: I am feeling and sleeping better and I am much less stressed out than before. In addition, my personal practice has deepened and I feel like I
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– Carol Howe, School Psychologist, Portland, OR
“This was a wonderful class. Dave does an excellent job of establishing a group environment that nurtures trust, respect, and growth. We were each given the opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings that typically lie below the surface. In this ‘safe container’ environment, those who were willing to dive a bit deeper into the vulnerable places within were given gentle guidance and support. The
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– BH, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Portland, OR

Dave Markowitz at New Ren 1E

Wherever two or more are gathered…

Group dynamics intensifies the energy.

When safe space is co-created,

all attendees can have a powerful experience.”

~ Dave Markowitz

Self-Care for the Self-Aware: Healing, Feeling, Connecting

Would you like to:

  • Sharpen intuition?
  • Increase connection?
  • Better manage your energy in challenging situations?

One of the major commonalities we all experience is difficulty accessing our inner knowing on a more regular basis. Ironically, our blockages are both the cause of our suffering and also the very doorway for living a more open, connected life.  

By opening to your blockages rather than fighting them, you’ll be better able to access and heal the underlying causes of fatigue, anxiousness, heavy heartedness, tight muscles, pain, procrastination and energetic overwhelm, leaving you better able to access intuitive guidance!  

Every symptom has a story that if only read correctly can inform us of how to get back in “soul-ar” alignment. Through dialogue and exercises, we’ll explore your inner world and how that affects your outer world. This class will give you an experience of getting out of your head and into your heart and body to be better informed and guided through life’s difficulties.

4-Week Course: Saturdays, April 21 through May 12, 2018

New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (NTCSL)
1040 Ave. C
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
(503) 296-9922

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Due to the nature of intuited guidance and energywork, your results will vary dependent on a variety of factors. Guidance and energywork are not intended to replace medical care in any way, shape, or form. Dave is not an MD and cannot/will not prescribe, diagnose, or “treat” any medical diagnosis — ever, rather he will focus on and guide you in transforming the underlying causal energies that are often responsible for life’s challenges.