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Dave Markowitz likes to stay in touch with all of you via monthly, thought-provoking Newsletters. They’re not just commercials, but actually contain useful bits of information about living the best lives possible and let you know about specials, events, and more, ahead of everyone else. He also likes to send snippets of dolphins kissing cats, because one can never get enough of that.

“Dear Dave, I just got your monthly newsletter. They are always intelligent, and a great source of inspiration--and sometimes very synchronistic to where I am on the path!
Love and Light,”
Catherine, NYC
“Dave, you are beautiful! Keep being the angel that you are! I love your newsletters; thanks for all the magical info!”
– Michal Adi, Kundalini Yoga/ Meditation Instructor, Raw and Lifefood Nutritional Advisor/Chef, and Massage Therapist. NYC, Costa Rica, & Israel
“It's Skye from Australia just dropping you a line to say that I love your newsletters—I always find them inspiring and they seem to arrive at just the right time! Namaste.”
“Dave…Thanks so much for your newsletters—they make me smile and take an extra moment to breathe.”
– Elizabeth Fountain, Actor, NYC
“Awesome newsletter that I joyfully passed on, and will keep on my computer as usual. You are astounding!”
– A. Zito, NYC
“Hi Dave; sure do love your newsletters! I will always be grateful to you for what I learned through your writings and lectures. "Pain becomes freedom. Fear can transform into love" and "Live every moment as if you had no past." How powerful your words are. You are inspirational. Happy 2007. May life bring you all that you have given to others.
– Susan Mollie

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Healing with Source symbol used with permission from Janet Cristenfeld