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What people are saying about Dave
“I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave on WomanTalk Live Radio. His book opens us up to a whole different way of looking at healing pain and illness. Learning what repressed emotions do to us when we hold on to them, how important it is to release them, and learning how to do so is a huge gift we can give ourselves to help us finally get out of our own way so that we can live a loving, fulfilled life. Thanks, Dave, for teaching us about this gift.”
Ann Quasman, Host, WomanTalk Live Radio, Baltimore MD
“I must tell you I am sitting here with such a smile on my face. I knew you were awesome…but now I am positive of just how awesome you are!!!! It has definitely taken some of the pain and burden away. I will be doing more of the things you recommended now. PROMISE!! Thank you seems so little but...thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Sheila L., Angel Readings, Certified Reiki Master, Commack, NY
“You bring the magic of simple listening everywhere you go, opening hearts and minds to the truth of power and possibility in this universe, in this life. I love you, Dave. Thank you for sharing this moment of grace with me. I always feel like the example of your life guides me in the realization of my own, but I guess that's what we're each here for, no? To help one another remember the way back...?”
Marcia-Elizabeth Thompson, Movement Instructor/Bodyworker; Masters Candidate, Traditional Chinese Medicine; Modern Dancer
“Dave is a gift (to all of us) from God. He has such a simple and clear understanding of the universe and energy and how it relates to all of us. He has helped me, members of my family, and even my dog! He is also a gifted speaker and author. What more is there to say? He is amazing; I highly recommend him.”
Lisa Mueller, Executive Director at Celebrity Entertainment Corp, Greater New York City Area

Dear Dave, I stand in Great Appreciation for Who You Are and for the Light You bring through to many. You have offered me a very freeing idea to enjoy reflecting upon -- that none my issues/symptoms are 'mine.' There is True Power in this idea.

And to repeat what I heard about You during our meditation together, I offer again:"You're clear as water and as powerful as Light"

– Lora 'Abrielle' Medina, Lightworker, California
“I just shared with a friend what I learned about healing since meeting you. The forgiveness meditation continues to be a useful tool for me to heal with love and peace and move on without "sticky" issues bogging me down. I thank you for that. I continue to be open and receptive to learning from you and the books you have written. You inspire me – and today, I inspire myself. Wishing you well on this beautiful day!”
– Diana , Vancouver, WA, USA
“Amazing; he carries the Wand of Hermes. Experience a personally guided tour into the Realms of the GODS.  A transformational journey like no other – into the Magic of Light. My Sincerest Thanks”
– Gigi, Portland, OR
“Healing is an art form, and Dave paints at a profound level.”
– Edward Agolia, Co-Director of The Energy Center
“Your work is very impressive. I love how you break down explanations so that even people like me, who know nothing about your work, end up leaving with so much new information. I also love the charisma you have with all the people in the room. Everything I am learning is so new for me, but somehow it all makes sense. I loved both events I attended, the Healing Circle and the Lecture; it's still such an eye opener for me to realize that stuff (emotions) can be so deeply buried and affect us years later. Thanks so much.”
– Mercedes, NYC
“When I first met you...I was taken back by your kindness and appreciation of all the baggage we were carrying with us. You made it clear how un-necessary this was and gave some insight as to how to drop it at the curb. Thank you!”
– Sheila, Long Island NY
“Dave, it was great to meet you. I know your value as a healer first hand and as one who is working to be a healer to see you in your passion as a healer grounded in love. I hold you in the highest of light; you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you and Namaste.”
– Eric
“Tonight was amazing. I am so very happy to have had our paths intersect. You are indeed a jewel. You have a powerful punch. You communicate so that the listener is engaged & you do it with humor and a lightness that's refreshing!”
– Myrna De Jesus, Vortex Energy Healer/Massage Therapist, NYC

In this new shift, my next step in personal growth, You (Dave) played a significant role. You were a huge part of my "turn around" and what's amazing is that your way of influencing me was so subtle and gentle that I did not even notice how you were helping me improve my life—and that is an incredible gift.

Everyone likes to state their opinion—to prove their point of view—to be listened to and admired. However, very few are like you. You listen patiently and with an open heart. And your (I can even say "trademark") style is that you don't jump to conclusions or instantaneously spit out your ‘final’ opinion on the situation that's being shared with you.

You don't assume that you know the answer or that you have a perfect solution, you don't even preach on what is morally wrong or right. You simply plant a little seed in one's mind and let it grow as a beautiful tree; free, and independent of your own perceptions.

You have (very subtly) planted seeds in my own mind, and I have allowed them to grow. I never felt like you were ‘teaching’ me anything or that you are superior to me. You didn't judge me, but simply listened, and in just a few simple and warm suggestions and comments you have planted those important seeds of encouragement that have now grown to be little stubs sticking out from the soil of my mind, and I will now nurture them with great care and they will grow like big beautiful trees, as big as I want them to be!

You are a very special human being and I am thankful that I met you. I have a feeling that you will go far in this life, and you will help many people along the way.

– Evegenia P., Brooklyn, NY
“Thank you for your kind and insightful words. You are BRIGHT, as I clearly sensed the first moment I met you. And YOUR PRAYERS strike me like an angelic thunderbolt. Many blessings, much gratitude, and may all you want come easily and miraculously your way. Thank you again.”
– Tatiana
“Dave has very beautiful energy and I always learn interesting things from him and the group of people he attracts.”
– Anonymous Healing Circle attendee
“Mr. Markowitz is indeed well-placed on the cutting edge of his field. His insights synthesize newer and more meaningful depths and impart information that is far more enlightened than we think we deserve. I recommend you to use Mr. Markowitz's talents wisely as he will provide an extra dimension to your day.”
– Mr. S.J. Benjamin, Editor, New York City

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